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CR 200 Liberty Hill, Texas

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Located in Liberty Hill, Texas—a small community that is looking forward into its future by building new schools and preparing for growth—Bridle Gate is a thirteen lot apportion of pristine Hill Country property, among the brilliant day’s humming birds and the cozy night’s fireflies, as well as famed picturesque Texas wildflowers, hides a place that looks like a dream. Do you have a dream of a home?


Designed & Built by J. Bryant Boyd Custom Homes

J. Bryant Boyd Custom Homes has crafted a career of taking creative visions and building them piece by piece into homes—homes that last: dreams that last.

At cozy thirteen lots, Bridle Gate is the unparalleled comfort of newly discovered country, a rarity in the modern world: so close to a beautiful world but far enough away to live as free your vision allows. And at J. Bryant Boyd Custom Homes, our vision is as vast as the Texas Hill Country that the lots and homes in Bridle Gate will compliment. Don’t live in someone else’s home—experience a house as idealized and individualized as you. The homes built in Bridle Gate won’t simply be buildings, they will be beacons of ingenuity and living while maintaining the integrity and natural beauty of Texas.

Custom lots are what you built your dreams upon, and Bridle Gate is unlike any subdivision in Texas, and since Texas is unlike any state in the country, you will live in a world unlike any other on Earth. Unique, beautiful and elegant, same as wild horses running over hills, and that will be your back porch: the panoramic, nearly boundless and endless beauty of the Texas Hill Country.

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